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Judas Priest – ‘Sad Wings of Destiny’

Release Date
Gull Records
Heavy Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting ‘Sad Wings of Destiny’, the 1976 album from the mighty Judas Priest. Arguably, ‘Sad Wings…’ is one of the best heavy metal albums ever released and for many Priest fans, this was the pinnacle of the band. Furthermore, ask thrash musicians such as Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian, Kerry King and James Hetfield and they will all quote ‘Sad Wings…’ as being one of their most influential albums of all time as tracks such as ‘Tyrant’, ‘Genocide’ and ‘The Ripper’ stood alongside more grandiose compositions like ‘Island of Domination’ and ‘Victim of Changes’ as Rob Halford’s piercing scream placed Priest on the map. So this morning, stand underneath your gas lamp and don’t go foolin’ with some hot guy and crank up a real classic!

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