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Pantera – ‘Far Beyond Driven’

Release Date
East West
Groove Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office we’re blasting ‘Far Beyond Driven’, the 1994 classic album from Pantera. By 1994, Pantera had consolidated their hold on the groove metal world, they were the kings of heavy metal and once again proved it with another fantastic album. ‘Far Beyond Driven’ was loud, angry and heavy with the likes of ‘I’m Broken’, ‘Becoming’ and ‘5 Minutes Alone’ becoming heavy rotation on MTV, but the wheels were slowly becoming to come off the Pantera wagon and all was not well inside. Regardless of the personal troubles, ‘Far Beyond Driven’ is a full on 90’s classic, so if you want 5 minutes alone today with just you and the boys from Pantera, crank it up loud.

Come on in!

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