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Iron Maiden – ‘The Number of the Beast’

Release Date
EMI Records
Heavy Metal

“woe to you oh Earth and sea… for the devil sends the beast with wrath… for he knows that time is short. Let he who hath understand him reckon the number of the beast… it’s number… is six hundred and sixty six” ahem… as you may have gathered, this morning in the Metal Digest office, we’ve got the Metropolitan Police, Supernatural Department on speed dial because we’re blasting the classic album, ‘The Number of the Beast’ by Iron Maiden. With this album, former vocalist Paul Di’anno was out and Samson vocalist Bruce Dickinson was in and with it, it closed Iron Maiden’s NWOBHM chapter as tracks such as ‘Run to the Hills’, ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ and the title track lit the blue touch paper which sky rocketed Maiden into the stratosphere and into the big time. So this morning, crank up one of the best heavy metal albums ever recorded and if you think you’re possessed by the devil, then you must inform the law because it can’t go on!

Come on in!

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