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Mass Worship – ‘Portal Tombs’

Century Media Records
Neurosis, Black Royal, Eyehategod
Release Date
Century Media Records
Dark Metal

Hailing from both Sweden and Denmark, ‘Portal Tombs’ is Mass Worship’s second full length album which takes in large portions of the death, grind and dark metal genres having all the hallmarks of Neurosis, Black Royal and Eyehategod.

Beginning with a Crusader call to arms, the tension begins to build immediately from the start. The guitars here are the jarheads with the drums taking the role of the rifleman. Then, it begins, the bloodthirsty, savage ungodly roars from Fred Forsberg which make you feel like you’ve been to Hell and back and enjoyed the entire journey. ‘Portal Tombs ‘ is a foot to the floor powerhouse. The tension is full on in every part. It’s a colossal undertaking to keep the pace for a run time of just under 40 minutes. These tracks show the talent within which leaves the listener awestruck with each individual able to create that dark, dank feeling of dread and impending doom that are enhanced by guest appearance from Barney Greenaway during ‘Meshuggah’ whilst At The Gates features an appearance from Jonas Renske. Furthermore, the acoustic guitar parts are almost classical Viking stuff with sections of ‘Unholy Mass’ being sombre and soothing, but you’ll have to savour it because it’s the only breather you are going to get. Yet both sides of emotions are enjoyable and show a diversity that could be explored more in the future.

‘Portal Tombs’ can be slightly overwhelming at times and can be a hard slog to listen to all the way through in one sitting, it will leave you battered and bruised, but definitely in a good way.

"it will leave you battered and bruised, but definitely in a good way"

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