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Creeper: The O2 Ritz Manchester 19/03/2022

Ah, Creeper. A band that many metalheads may turn their nose up at the idea of. British Pop-Punk? Sounds boring! 

Oh, what they’re missing out on. Crowding into the bouncy floor area of Manchester’s ritz, a selection of MCR and similar bands play quietly over a sea of fishnets, stripy clothes, and coloured hair, in anticipation for the night’s entertainment; beginning with welsh Rock/Punk barnstormers James and the Cold Gun, who set the stage alight with energy reminiscent of Manic Street Preachers’ early days, before Vukovi came out with a rocked-up selection of their fun, high energy tunes. All brilliant fun so far.

Then, a black veil is dropped between the crowd and the stage, and after a few minutes, the lights drop and lead vocalist Will jumps up on to a small plinth at the head of the stage, almost toppling straight over the front, before launching in to a packed set encompassing most of the songs from their 2 and a half albums, along with some throwbacks to their early work. There’s shirtless giant men with tears in their eyes as Hannah takes frontman duties for ‘Crickets’, and tiny grandmothers throwing their hair around to heavier tracks like ‘Darling’ and ‘Suzanne’. Everyone is having a great time in every corner of the Ritz, and most of the crowd know the words to every song.

Then came the beautiful moment of the entire crowd  shouting along to the post-chorus of ‘Misery’ as the band on stage took a moment to realise how amazing the moment was. The whole gig was pure energy, with fantastic stage presence from all members, and a beautifully in-sync crowd. 

No matter your preconceptions of Creeper, seeing them live is a special experience and this was no different. If anything, it being the last gig of the tour made it even more special.

"Creeper proved once again, that they are the masters of crowd-pleasing"

Come on in!

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