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FM – ‘Thirteen’

Frontiers Records
Dare, House of Lords, Hardline, Harem Scarem
Release Date
March 18, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock/AOR

The music industry is full of ups and downs, peaks and troughs, periods of popularity followed by periods malign. No group knows this more than British AOR/melodic rock stalwarts FM, who after reforming in 2007 have been working flat like industrious ants to keep the dream alive and this year has FM returning with their rather flatly named thirteenth album ‘Thirteen’.

                With this title, if you are expecting the creative well of FM to have run dry, then you’ll be sorely mistaken because for FM, this is where the lack of imagination ends. ‘Thirteen’ is an excellent album of pure melodic rock, it is full of big chorus’, infectious hooks and melodies which ensure that the listener will be humming them for the rest of eternity and soulful sombre moments which show that the band have never lost any musical integrity. Furthermore, all this is enhanced through a fantastic production by the band who allow every big moment to shine brightly all engrossing the listener and imploring them to continue listening with tracks such as ‘Shaking the Tree’, ‘Turn this Car Around’ and ‘Just Got Started’ show that FM are more than capable of expanding their usual songs into tracks which take nods at the political landscape and conceptualising them into a melodic rock world.

                As far as melodic rock albums go, ‘Thirteen’ is an excellent offering. It shows FM’s creative well running over and therefore, if you are a fan of this genre, then ‘Thirteen’ is a great place to go this year and it’ll be difficult to top in melodic rock/AOR circles.

"an excellent offering of AOR/Melodic Rock"

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