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Dark Funeral – ‘We Are the Apocalypse’

Century Media Records
Setherial, Enthroned, Nordjevel, The Abyss, Dark Fortress
Release Date
March 18, 2022
Century Media Records
Black Metal

Born during the second wave of black metal, Dark Funeral have created a cult around themselves as they delivered album after album of solid black metal. The band have done little studio work since 2016’s ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’, but this year has the band returning with ‘We Are the Apocalypse’.

                It has been a while, but has it been worth the wait? Your damned right it has been worth the wait. What Dark Funeral have delivered here with ‘…the Apocalypse’ is a solid album of black metal that not only does what it says on the tin, but it also goes well beyond that. This is an album which is full of cleaving typical black metal rhythms which pull the listener in, chain them up and refuse to let them escape, battering them with wave after wave of demonic shrieks until Stockholm Syndrome kicks and they love it. Tracks such as ‘Let the Devil In’, ‘Beyond the Grave’ and ‘A Beast to Praise’ are quite possible some of the best tracks that Dark Funeral have recorded in the last 20 years.

Naturally, ‘…the Apocalypse’ is an album which won’t have any appeal beyond the black metal remit, but held within its genre, it is a bloody good offering and therefore, do not be surprised if this album is riding high at the end of the year because it’s going to need a serious black metal challenger to knock this beast off its perch.   

"probably the best Dark Funeral album in 20 years"

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