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Chemicide – ‘Common Sense’

RipRide Records
Havok, Kreator, Dark Angel, Destruction
Release Date
March 15, 2022
RipRide Records
Thrash Metal

                Costa Rica is a country famous for its sloth population. Life in sloth world moves slower than funeral doom but move out of the jungles and sanctuaries and into the bustling heart of San José and the sloths just can’t keep up with the fast paced thrash mantra which Chemicide lay down as the band release ‘Common Sense’, their first album since 2019.

                Chemicide may have kept their powder relatively dry over the Covid pandemic, but this has allowed the band to return with the full fury of a Caribbean hurricane. ‘Common Sense’ knows that old-school is the best school as Chemicide thrash like maniacs by pummelling the listener with riff after riff, powerful drums and raw vocals which drag the listener through the album whether they like it or not. Tracks such as ‘False Democracy’, ‘Self-Destruct’ and ‘Disposable’ show that Chemicide have their finger on the political pulse whilst having all the appeal of Zyanide, Conqueror and Necrólisis. Furthermore, this isn’t just Latin American sounding thrash, there is an international influence here that draws in fans of Havok and Warbringer, but also Sodom and Kreator.

                Those familiar and versed in the ways of thrash will find that although there isn’t anything new here and it does manage to hit the listener in all the sweet spots with what is decent album of thrash. Can’t ask for more than that.

"a decent album of thrash"

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