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Týr – ‘A Night at the Nordic House’

Metal Blade Records
Heljareyga, Vintersorg, Heidevolk, Skálmöld
Release Date
March 18, 2022
Metal Blade Records
Progressive/Folk Metal

For a band which is over 20 years old, Týr have never ventured into the realms of the live album. However now, all this is about to change as the most famous band from the Faroe Isles are setting forth to deliver ‘A Night at the Nordic House’, their first live album.

                So, is this a live album taken from a tour, spliced together, and sold as a quick cash grab to recoup some losses from the lockdowns? Not at all, this is one special night recorded with the Symphony Orchestra of the Faroe Islands and delivered not only on CD and vinyl, but also filmed on a DVD. Does this all smell of Metallica? You bet your arse it does, and you know what, there is nothing wrong with that. The tracks here have been lovingly reworked to incorporate an orchestra, which managers to bring a whole new dynamic to Týr’s music. Tracks such as ‘By the Sword in My Hand’, ‘The Lay of Thrym’ and ‘Hold the Heathen Hammer High’ show not just how much Týr are masters of their craft but also how their music can be malleable and accessible enough to be scored for orchestral power allowing the nuances of Týr to stand tall.

                This is the perfect addition to any Týr fans collection, it probably won’t do anything for the unconverted, but those fans of the band will find something very enjoyable indeed.

"This is the perfect addition to any Týr fans collection"

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