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Chronomancy – ‘Shadows in Atlantis’

Fighter Records
Dark Forest, Emerald Sun, Highlord, Kaledon
Release Date
March 11, 2022
Fighter Records
Power Metal

These days in metal, a large gap between releases isn’t exactly an uncommon thing. Many bands take their time, planning and preparing at where they are going to strike next. One such band are Chronomancy who are riding forth from the Mediterranean with ‘Shadows in Atlantis’ their first full length studio album since 2014.

                When it comes to doing power metal infused with some great symphonic and folk elements, then ‘Shadows in Atlantis’ knows just what to do. This is an album well-produced allowing the listener fully to experience every dynamic and nuance within each melodic passage. This is never delivered in an overpowered or overbearing way that would push ‘Shadows in Atlantis’ into the realms of symphonic or folk and instead, it holds the music well within the school of power metal as tracks such as ‘Dance of the Vampires’, ‘The Hunting Song’ and ‘Magnum Opus’ demonstrate what Chronomancy are truly capable of having all the enjoyability of Emerald Sun, Highlord and Kaledon whilst also retaining a huge segment of their own individuality.

                There may not be much here that hasn’t been done before, but what Chronomancy do here is deliver an excellent album of full-on power metal.

"an excellent album of full-on power metal"

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