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Dawn of Solace – ‘Flames of Perdition’

Noble Demon
Insomnium, Before the Dawn, Black Sun Aeon
Release Date
Noble Demon
Doom/Gothic Metal

The third offering from this Helsinki-based artist, ‘Flames of Perdition’ extends their cold fire even farther. An enchanting dichotomy, ‘Flames’ dispels the darkness while burying the soul. Not merely a series of connected songs, but an engrossing multi-layered story told in irresistible shadow and sound. Each vocalization is an instrument, and each instrument is a voice. Impeccably orchestrated, ‘Flames’ stirs towards the within. It transports the listener to magical planes of light and the forlorn.

Dawn of Solace employs a variety of shapes ranging from pensive piano, crushing guitars, and somber, yet comforting vocals. This is the ideal accompaniment for a drizzly nighttime walk or fireside introspection. Their use of gentle acoustic strings augments the solemn passages and are nestled perfectly into place. Whether showcased in the instrumental “Serenity ” or “Lead Wings, ” they are hauntingly beautiful, often stealing the show with their simplicity.

At times, I anticipated the counter of a ghoulish vocal, but it never appears. Several songs seem ripe for this extra layer, but in hindsight, it may have been a distraction after all. With the single vocal approach, the flawless melding of the dour, and the uplifting, Dawn of Solace makes each song exactly what it needs to be.

While its subjects and textures are rooted in melancholy, there is an undeniable thread of light and hope. Perhaps I am grasping at the straws of the day or perhaps this is the album we all need to hear. ‘Flames’ is powerful and elegant and deserves to be heard by all. Highly recommended.

"powerful and elegant"

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