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Watch DARAY Performing DIMMU BORGIR’s “The Empyrean Phoenix”

Watch DARAY Performing DIMMU BORGIR’s “The Empyrean Phoenix”! 

TAMA Drums has posted on their Facebook Page the playthrough video, where the extraordinary drum master DARAY is performing DIMMU BORGIR’s “The Empyrean Phoenix”!

Enjoy the playthrough video below

Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch:
(2) 22×16″ Bass Drums
10×7″ Rack Tom
12×8″ Rack Tom
14×12″ Rack Tom
16×16″ Floor Tom
14×6.5″ S.L.P. Black Brass
Gong Bass Drum

Video: Patryk Dróżdż
Video Edit: Filip „Heinrich” Hałucha
Recording Mastering: Filip „Heinrich” Hałucha, Mikołaj Kiciak, SantaStudioPL, HeinrichHouseStudio

#TAMA #TAMADrums #StrongestNameinDrums #Starclassic #WalnutBirch

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Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski is one of the most recognized drummers within the metal scene. Well known for his extreme drumming, blastbeats, precision and supersonic speeds, he earned his reputation through the years and was repeatedly valued for his achievements. Extensively touring the world with his bands. He played over a 1000 shows.

Born in 1980, he got his first kit at the age of 14. His story began with the band Vesania, and was continued in Vader, Masachist, Hunter, Black River. He’s also a session musician for multiple bands. Today, drumming for Vesania and Dimmu Borgir and being an active clinician and educator, he remains in the lead of worlds‘ uncompromising drummers.

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