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The Violent – ‘The Violent’

Fascinate Records
Sixx A.M., Shinedown, Skillet, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin
Release Date
Fascinate Records
Alternative Rock/Metal

                Some bands just jump out of the traps like a bolt from the blue with a sound like they have been doing this for years. One such band are The Violent who have unleashed their eponymously titled debut album.

                As a debut album, ‘The Violent’ is a release which does everything that it needs to do. It sets its stall out well and provides an excellent demonstration as to what The Violent are capable of. To do this, the band deliver an alternative metal/rock sound with a big American production. In fact, this production is so big that it may as well be sponsored by Budweiser. It means that ‘The Violent’ is highly accessible and very likeable as tracks such as ‘Fly on the Wall’, ‘Smile Like a Hostage’ and ‘Impression’ purvey all the enjoyability of Sixx A.M., Papa Roach and Skillet with sing along chorus’ that dig deep into the emotional psyche. However, the plaudits here are held for a cover of ‘People Are Strange’ as The Violent deliver the song with as much alternative metal/industrial grooves that you wouldn’t be surprised if the track was released in 1999.

                There isn’t anything new here, but what The Violent do, they do it really well and do not be surprised if this band ride the crest of this album into the big time.

"an album which could put The Violent on the map"

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