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ObsElite – ‘Ghost//Hack’

OmegaCo. Records
Fear Factory, Static X, Ministry
Release Date
OmegaCo. Records
Cyberpunk Industrial Metal

Hailing from America, ObsElite are relatively new to the scene with their Cyberpunk Industrial Metal sound with the band releasing their ‘Ghost//Hack’ album.

With ‘Ghost//Hack’, ObsElite hit the ground running with pace a tireless mechanical pace with an album which is full on dynamics as the album drives with endless highs and lows to keep the listener full engaged. This sort of genre easily lends itself to being played loud, but unlike a lot of bands in this genre ‘Ghost//Hack’ still delivers at any volume where nuances in the music reveal themselves with each listen. Through a futuristic theme, it brings a 90’s nostalgia to life through parallels of industrial harmony. Furthermore, the synth aspects if ‘Ghost//Hack’ bring another dimension to the listening experience as it really brings the future to life in a sound that the band had been aspiring to create and through its fast-paced heartbeat rhythms, it is maximum carnage throughout. Yet, it is not all machinery, and the human feel comes from the organic drums and human vocals via a yell, scream and holler effect having all the appeal of Fear Factory and Static X.

There is not bad song here, from the start to finish, it is a full on masterclass in how this genre should sound.

"an industrial masterclass"

Come on in!

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