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Earthless – ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’

Nuclear Blast
Amon Duul II, Monster Magnet, Earthling Society, The Beavis Frond
Release Date
Nuclear Blast
Psychedelic/Stoner Rock

Hyakki Yagyō

There is an ancient tradition in the mountain villages of Japan of a night when denizens of the underworld enter into the world of the living, and anyone unfortunate to witness this evil parade will almost certainly die. It translates to “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”. Using this mythology as the inspiration for their latest album, Earthless deliver a bruising psyche-fest consisting of just three tracks, and clocking in at 61 minutes, this is not a piece for dipping in and out of; if you’re there for the ride, buckle up, and take it like a man. 

The first two tracks are a suite of two parts; “Night Parade… 1+2”, and have a recurring motif, a signature riff so to speak, that ties them together. This also briefly reappears in the final track “Death to the Red Sun”; further reinforcing the feeling of being involved in a living narrative.

With seemingly endless guitar solos, a knowing-but-relaxed attitude to holding onto a riff for exactly as long as it remains useful, and simply dazzling and effortless interplay, this is an album that might make you think time suddenly stopped somewhere in the trippy and experimental 70’s, somewhere very close to the Eldorado of musical flow and imagination… 

Bringing in more elements of classic Heavy Rock more than previous albums, the band give us some euphoric almost “headbangable” moments to perk the listener up on what is admittedly a pretty hard ride; you may well love this record (I do), it’s unlikely you’ll press play unless you are in the right frame of mind, and prepared for the brain-melting assault you know’s coming.

After the somewhat divisive “Black Heaven”, Earthless return to their musical alma mater with this totally committed long-form album. Even though entirely instrumental, it succinctly captures the titular subject matter and brings the unfolding night of terror to life. The San Diego three-piece have their undoubted talents when considered as individual musicians; the connection and synergy they have as a unit takes whatever talents they have and multiplies that by 50.

"Exceptional at what it does; just be prepared for a full-on experience"

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