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Little Caesar – ‘American Dream: Deluxe Edition’ (Reissue)

Dirty Deeds Records/Deko Entertainment
The Four Horsemen, Tom Keifer, Mike Tramp, L.A. Guns
Release Date
March 11, 2022
Dirty Deeds Records/Deko Entertainment
Hard Rock

                It may come as a shock to no one that not everybody who stepped out of the late 80’s hard rock/glam metal scene made a huge success… quelle surprise and although the 90’s may have been a barren desolate desert for those bands, the last 15 years or so have been exceptionally kind. One such band who had a revival of this nature was Little Caesar who this year have reissued their 2012 ‘American Dream’ album.

                For this reissue, Little Caesar follow in exactly the same footsteps that they used to reissue ‘Redemption’ late last year and why wouldn’t they? That was an exercise in how to do a reissue justice. ‘American Dream’ now comes as a CD ‘Deluxe Edition’, which has been bumped up sonically by being remastered, but it also comes equipped with a new package that includes five bonus tracks, one of which is ‘Dirty Water’ alongside four live tracks recorded from this era. The best thing about this Deluxe Edition reissue is that this isn’t some soulless remaster delivered by a record company cashing in one some track featured in a movie/commercial/TikTok wankery whatever, this has been delivered by bands own Dirty Deeds Records. Therefore, it has been given the dedicated time and energy that something of this calibre requires, aimed at an audience that the band know and interact with on a daily basis.

                As of yet, it does not look like there are plans for a vinyl reissue, so you’ll just have to make do with the CD version, but it is also available on streaming platforms so whether digital or CD you can choose your poison of this lovingly crafted reissue.

"a lovingly crafted reissue by a band who know their audience"

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