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Elvenking – ‘Heathenreel’/’The Winter Wake’ (Vinyl Reissue)

AFM Records
SpellBlast, Skyclad, Vexillum, Saurom, Wuthering Heights
Release Date
March 11, 2022
AFM Records
Melodic Power/Folk Metal

For over 25 years now, Elvenking have led the charge for Italian melodic power/folk metal, standing tall as one of the best bands from that genre which the Mediterranean country offers. This year has AFM reaching into the past and pulling out Elvenking’s first and third album, ‘Heathenreel’ and ‘The Winter Wake’ to be given the vinyl reissue treatment.

                What the listener gets here with both ‘Heathenreel’ and ‘The Winter Wake’ are two very good albums of melodic power/folk metal which have been given the full remaster treatment by none other than Jacob Hansen, the man behind the likes of Amaranthe, Volbeat and Pretty Maids to give these two albums a good ol’ polishing up. But more importantly for Elvenking, this will be the first time that both these albums will be released on vinyl and naturally, this means that they are arriving on coloured vinyl; ‘Heathenreel’ will be available in light green vinyl whilst ‘The Winter Wake’ arrives as a sky-blue vinyl. However, for those vinyl junkies just itching to have that little bit more to stick in their bragging rights, the AFM Records store will have two extra colours exclusively to buy; oxblood for ‘Heathenreel’ and an orange/yellow marble for ‘The Winter Wake, but these are very limited edition, so you’ll have to get ordering pronto.

                For melodic power/folk metal fans, to be able to own these two albums on vinyl for the first time is a huge incentive to purchase them. Sure, if you don’t have a nasty vinyl habit, then it won’t do anything for you, but if you listen closely, you can already hear the footsteps running and the fingers clicking, so if you want one, go now because you’ll have to catch up!

"to be able to own these two albums on vinyl for the first time is a huge incentive to purchase them"

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