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Dethonator – ‘Monuments to Dead Gods’ EP (Reissue)

Independent Release
Iron Maiden, Metallica, Grand Magus
Release Date
March 11, 2022
Independent Release
Heavy Metal

Dethonator have been chipping away at the heavy metal scene for over a decade now with the British band releasing a steady stream of warmly received albums. More recently, Dethonator have been digging into their past, reissuing those earlier releases and now it is the time for ‘Monuments to Dead Gods’, the bands 2014 EP to be rereleased onto online streaming services.

                As a band, Dethonator have always released solid heavy metal with no frills or gimmicks, this is music which is strong in melody with a thrashing undercurrent, easily enough to make it a pleasant listen. Online streaming may not be everyone’s best idea of a ‘reissue’, it’s very modern and tech savvy, the band not needing to spend a small fortune on pressings, the listener can just press play and go being able to fully appreciate what is a decent EP.

                The truth is, there will be those moaning that there could have been added incentives/physical pressings of the EP blah blah blah, there isn’t, so get over it. It really isn’t worth mentioning the ‘could haves’, waste of time, that’s not what this is about. The ‘Monuments…’ reissued online is about returning that music to the masses who can now listen to it as one on its own in all its 20-minute glory or add it to their playlists to easily enjoy in segments. A very modern win.

"A very modern win"

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