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Alpha Boötis on Metal Digest

Welcome to Metal Digest!

Hi, I’m Ozymandias from the band Alpha Boötis. Thank you for having me,

Please describe the band in a single sentence.

Alpha Boötis plays Space Disco Synth Metal, which sounds like Daft Punk and Iron Maiden wrote a videogame score together.

What’s your latest project and what are you working on right now?

We released our latest album “Science Fiction Double Feature” in December, on which we revisited our earliest songs and influences. We’re currently in the final writing stage of our 3rd full length album, another concept album that will expand on the universe we developed on our first two albums. It’s definitely the most ambitious album I’ve ever worked on – the final song isn’t even finished and it’s already 13 minutes long!

We are also working on incorporating full band vocal harmonies to our live shows so that we can bring the layered choirs that are on the album to the stage.

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

It depends on the song, but I think our music has two main emotional poles: it either makes you feel ready to embark on a grandiose journey, or it makes you want to dance you worries away.

Major influences: Who put you on this path?

As a band, our first influences were Carpenter Brut, Lazerhawk, Tangerine Dream and Dynatron, Daft Punk and Iron Maiden.  You’ll also find hints of Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, At The Gates and a hefty dose of classic videogame music in our current sound.

Stravinsky, John Williams, Motoi Sakuraba and Howard Shore are also composers that we drew from for inspiration in our songs.

If you had to flee the country as a band, where would you choose to live?

I’d settle somewhere in France. It’s much easier to tour in Europe, I already know a few people in the synthwave and metal scenes in France, and we speak the same language. Not sure I could get used to the lack of snowstorms though.

What’s the ‘wow factor’ that makes YOU decide which songs to keep, record and release?

If the melody doesn’t get stuck in my head after working on it all day, it’s not good enough. We write a lot more songs than we release, because we like to try things out to see where it takes us. I keep everything I write though, because I never know when I’ll get an idea that invigorates an old song.

What’s the most hilarious band memory you can think of?

During our only show of 2021, we ended our set with a cover of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight… and right after the iconic drum fill we transitioned into Never Gonna Give You Up! I will never forget the faces of our fans in the crowd as they got Rick Rolled in real life.

What would be the title of the band’s biography?

We Didn’t Plan Any Of This

What’s the next milestone you’d like to achieve as a band?

We’d love to go on a tour of the East Coast someday. For now, we’re focusing on the upcoming Nerdstock Festival, which will be our biggest show yet, in one of our hometown’s best venues.

Until we meet again,


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