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Symphony X – ‘Twilight In Olympus’

Release Date
Inside Out/Zero Corporation
Progressive/Power/Neoclassical Metal

This afternoon in the Metal Digest office, we’re blasting out ‘Twilight in Olympus’, the 1998 album by Symphony X. Although this would mark the end of an era for Symphony X with the departure of drummer Thomas Walling and bassist Thomas Miller, it would signal the beginning of a hugely successful commercial era of the band with ‘Twilight in Olympus’ being the stepping stone to ‘V: New Mythology Suite’, ‘The Odyssey’ and beyond. However, for many a Symphony X fan, this is still their go to album and holds a special not just in their fans hearts, but the band themselves. So this afternoon, crank it up loud and let that music reach Olympus!

Come on in!

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