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D.R.I. – ‘Crossover’

Release Date
Metal Blade Records
Crossover Thrash

This morning in the Metal Digest office, we’re turning the clock back to 1987 by cranking up the volume in ‘Crossover’ by D.R.I. Was this the album from which the term crossover was coined? The evidence points towards that being correct and since then, D.R.I. have taken this into their stride. It’s hardcore, it’s thrash, it’s crossover thrash and has always been thrash’s punkier cousin. Gnarly dude. So this morning, drag out your massive ghetto blaster, stick those big ass D batteries in it and whack the volume up on this beast and it ‘may’ have enough juice to power through the entire album… who are we kidding… play it through your phone, the battery will last MUCH longer!

Come on in!

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