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Endtime – ‘Impending Doom’ EP

Heavy Psyche Sounds
Deathbell, Altareth
Release Date
March 4, 2022
Heavy Psyche Sounds
Doom Metal

Imagine the scene, Leif Edling stood at the window in his tower of doom as he unbuckles the cages on his doom-laden minions: “fly my pretties!” he screams in Swedish as the minions take flight spreading their sludge everywhere. One such band that had been released by Edling’s nefarious scheming were Endtime as the Swedes release ‘Impending Doom’, their debut EP.

                From the opening 1968 movie sounds from ‘The Devil Rides Out’, ‘Impending Doom’ immediately sets the scene for everything which is to come. This speech is washed aside by a tide of crushing distortion, rattling the speakers like a Swedish earthquake as the guitars, bass and drums do their best to give the listener real inner ear problems. Tracks such as ‘ICBM’, ‘Cities on Fire with the Burning Flesh of Men’ and ‘Harbinger of Disease’ show a band destroying the landscape with all the doom power of Deathbell and Altareth with even the vocals of Christian Chatfield having a touch of that Nordic crusty black metal which could allow Endtime to bring in listeners from other genres where doom isn’t exactly their bag.

                There is a lot of good ideas here with ‘Impending Doom’, the band have a clear direction and they know what they are doing. Through this EP, Endtime have created a very stable and solid foundation stone for them to build their sound on and it will be interesting to see how the band approach a full-length studio album.  

"Endtime have created a very stable and solid foundation stone for them to build their sound on"

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