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About Maentra

How do get to know someone? You can stalk their socials but if you want to bypass small talk and get to know your favorite bands and artists beyond the surface level, this is the place to be. Sometimes the oddball questions allow you to learn the most interesting things about a person and see the varied, unique, and special qualities of a creative mind. Shall we?

Welcome to Metal Digest’s ABOUT. column

Please introduce the band in the most spontaneous way.

13. 8 billion years ago the universe was born from a big bang and consciouss was created through the sound of the OM. From the journey of billions of years of evolution, survival, death, rebirth, wars peace and music emerges maentra a three-piece band committed to helping their listeners find their own personal light by playing in the darkness and embracing aggression. Maentra lays their meditative lyrics on top of a unique blend of brutal death metal industrial sounds atmospheric tones and intentional healing energy.

What’s something an outsider wouldn’t know about your band?

The theme of self-healing and self-affirmations started from being in a constant dark place in my head. Personally, I struggle with mental health issues everyday. I needed a way to let the negativity out through the music and speak of empowering words in hopes that repeating these words daily can get me to a better place mentally. I know I’m not alone with this so hopefully this can help others who feel they are at the bottom looking for a way up.

What’s the career highlight you’re most proud of?

Sticking together to put this record ‘kundalini Rising’ out has been a huge highlight for us. We have been working on this for several years and really put our heart and soul into it. 

Lyrics that stuck with you?

Song Vishudda: 

 “I speak my truth freely expressed clearly my voice matters. Center nourish spirit through creation to feel alive. Transform low self-esteem into complete self-confidence. New found beauty within gives me power to speak my truth” 

Song Manipura: 

“Kill off.. limiting beliefs…”

“Realize.. these beliefs aren’t real, not apart of me” 

What’s the phone app you use most?


What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

Nice Ice cold Cherry Pepsi, a Pinner,

and a black & white Cookie 

Are you more of a “play music to live” or a “live to play music” type of person?


How would your 10-year-old self-react to what you do now?


What career advice would you give to young musicians in the rock and metal industry?

Maintain good relationships. healthy communication and act with love & compassion towards your family, friends, fans and band mates.

🕉I must remind myself of that as well 🕉

If you could do it all over again, would you pursue the same career in music?

Fucking God damn right I would !! 😜🤘🏽

Links to socials, the album and merch available at 

“Ajna” Official Video: 

Come on in!

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