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Sabaton – ‘The War to End All Wars’

Nuclear Blast
Powerwolf, Civil War, Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal
Release Date
March 4, 2022
Nuclear Blast
Heavy/Power Metal

Debatably, Sabaton are one of the biggest metal bands on the planet, the Sabaton Empire has gone from strength to strength conquering every country that they come across. This year has the Swedish military obsessed band returning with their latest album ‘The War to End All Wars’, their latest concept album featuring songs about World War One.

                There is no hiding away from it, arguably Sabaton have been coasting a little bit since 2014’s excellent ‘Heroes’, comfortable in releasing albums which tread water with plenty of tracks which sound very similar. However, ‘The War…’ hits the speakers like a massive blast of ordinance, this is Sabaton doing what Sabaton does best and that is delivering quality tracks about military history. From the first shots of ‘Sarajevo’ to the signing of the peace at ‘Versailles’, ‘The War…’ explores the miracles and atrocities committed during the First World War. Unlike the recent Sabaton productions which have been a bit ‘commercial’, ‘The War…’ strips back Sabaton and takes it to an almost ‘Coat of Arms’ production with the barring exception of ‘Soldier of Heaven’ with its Euro Power Metal pew pew drums and bright production feeling a little out of place and maybe better suited to a Battle Beast album.           

                ‘The War…’ has some excellent playing it, there are some absolutely blistering old-school Neoclassical guitar playing that really show that Sabaton have had a rocket inserted into their backside. If you’re the sort of person who has been dismayed with the recent Sabaton releases, then this is an excellent chance to get reacquainted with a band which are very good at what they do and rightly so because the Swedes have outdone themselves.

"this is Sabaton doing what Sabaton do best"

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