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Fostermother – ‘The Ocean’

Ripple Music
Black Sabbath, Windhand, Elephant Tree
Release Date
Ripple Music
Psychedelic Doom Metal

                There was a time when big, giant, fuck off dinosaurs ruled the planet as they stomped around the place shaking everything for miles around with their slow, colossal plods. Those days are long gone, but instead of sauropods, these days we have doom bands, one of which are Fostermother, who once again stride forth from Texas to deliver their sophomore album ‘The Ocean’.

                Fostermother really set the stall out with their debut album in 2020, an absolutely fantastic album of psychedelic doom and it can be said with much confidence that ‘The Ocean’ well and truly picks up where that album left off. This is an excellent album of psychedelic doom metal which rumbles along like the slow spread of thunder as tracks such as ‘Hedonist’, ‘Redeemer’ and ‘Sunday’ have all the crunch of Windhand and Elephant Tree but also Black Sabbath with its free-flowing grooves and riffs from the guitars and drumming which has the jazz flair of Bill Ward. Furthermore, the vocals of Travis Weatherred add a monotonous wail which is often best reserved for a certain young Ozzy Osbourne.

                ‘The Ocean’ does everything it needs to do and more and for fans of doom and old school heavy rock, then this latest offering from Fostermother is quite possibly one of the best albums that you’ll hear this year.

"quite possibly one of the best doom albums that you’ll hear this year"

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