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Metal Digest is a broad church; it’s not all the heaviest Blackened Tech Death Metal all the time; our team cover pretty much anything and everything from Alternative to Noise Rock, Extreme Metal to Ska. And that endlessly entertaining world is where we find ourselves this evening with London, UK’s finest purveyors of high energy Ska, the highly praised Buster Shuffle.

Good evening and welcome to Metal Digest! Is that a sentence you ever expected to hear?

Your legion of followers, The Shuffle Army. How much have you missed them during the lockdown?

Allot. It’s tough when you are a hard-working live band to not be on the road for two plus years. We’ve missed seeing fans and hanging out……we can’t wait for it to start up again.

I’ve had the privilege a promo copy of your tremendous upcoming album “Go Steady” for a little while (thanks to your PR for being quality dudes) and I can already tell it’s going to be a smash with the fans. You’re not getting pre-release nerves, are you?

No not yet! We are getting some really nice feedback from radio and press so far, we juts hope that the fans like it as much and they seem too!

Your lyrics, everything from being sick in a pub’s sink to genuine social comment about low-paid jobs to falling in love; do you consciously have “lines in the sand” for subjects you won’t write about, or is everything fair game?

Anything is fair game for us. That said we are not an over political band either. If we see something obvious that doesn’t sit with us then we won’t hesitate to write and song about it.

Ska never goes away, it’s an art form as relevant and as much bloody good fun today as it always has been; why do you feel the listening public has such a long-lasting love affair with it?

Don’t know why but it certainly seems to have a timeless quality. Even with newer waves of Ska it still has some roots that tie it all together. It’s ultimately dancing music which makes it a good laugh for all live, which is why it’s still so popular.

Now we can all get back together in concert halls (and fields for that matter), are you rehearsed and ready to rip it up on stage once again? Who was most ring-rusty getting back together?

It takes a while to get ‘gig fit’ again so March will be dedicated to this! Hardest and most rusty part is getting the singing going and remembering lyrics!

Are you planning on any festival appearances this summer?

We’ve got a few in the bag in UK and Europe. All dates are on our website.

Any pearls of wisdom for up-and-coming bands wanting to skank their way into the music business?

Don’t do it! Jokes! It’s hard graft but great if you can stick it out and make it happen. Say yes to gigs and get in front of people. Play play play would be our advice.

Buster Shuffle – Sucker Punch Blues- (Official Video)

It’s been a pleasure, here at Metal Digest we wish you every bit of success possible with your wonderful new album. Catch you guys at Beautiful Days for a chat and a beer?

For sure!

James on behalf of Metal Digest.

“Go Steady” will be released in March; pre-order it here;

Their back catalogue can be found here;

Links for tickets can be found here;


Come on in!

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