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The Fire Rising – ‘Dark Sands of Time’ EP

Independent Release
Pantera, Prong, Metallica, Megadeth, Sacred Reich
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy/Groove/Thrash Metal

                “hey man, you like thrash/groove metal?” “yeah dude, I love Pantera and Machine Head blah blah blah”, that is the usual trope that you see in metal groups/forums. If you’re lucky, you might get a mention of Exhorder or Prong in there before it descends into a circle jerk involving four blokes just saying “Pantera!” over and over again at each other until the cows come home. Dig beneath the subsoil and you’ll find plenty of bands playing this style who do a damned decent job. One such band are The Fire Rising (TFR) who have released their sophomore EP ‘Dark Sands of Time’.

                With ‘Dark Sands…’, TFR have delivered something that is actually decent and minus the two live tracks tagged on the end, the EP is relatively short and sweet having more of a feel of a short album, than a long EP. This is the sound of a band willing to explore themselves as musicians through thrashing riffs and foot stomping shredded groove sections, the dualities of clean and harsh vocals are delivered with some real expertise. In fact, this EP excels during the harsher moments, this is where vocalist Druid sounds the best as they give it some real balls.

                However, there are some moments here where the clean vocals just don’t sit right, maybe dropping a little out of tune and when coupled with a production on the rawer end of the scale, it doesn’t do much to be able to disguise or hide this that maybe you would be able to do with a top end job. Yet, this doesn’t take away from the overall feel and TFR have released a decent EP that they can use to springboard into a debut studio album. 

"a decent EP that they can use to springboard into a debut studio album"

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