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Buñuel – Killers Like Us

Profound Lore Records/La Tempesta Dischi
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Cardiacs, L00ping, System of a Down
Release Date
Profound Lore Records/La Tempesta Dischi
Art/Noise Rock/Punk

Do you want your family members to worry about you when they hear what you’re listening to? Step right this way, and prepare your mind for the latest album from purveyors of angry strangeness wrapped up in Noise-Punk known as Buñuel. No, really, prepare your mind. This is not some upbeat, Foo Fighters-esque fun. No, this is a 45 minute journey you have to psych yourself up to enjoy.

And if you do that, there’s a decent chance you will enjoy it, because through all the impenetrable scary weirdness, there’s a properly enjoyable album, a real lesson in the human desire for catharsis, even if it is a vicarious experience of catharsis. It’s why videos of destruction and mistakes are so gripping, and it’s exactly what this album feeds on.

If you’re here as a rock fan that gets a little scared at anything past Metallica, maybe scroll by and put on that same Status Quo song again, as this will likely result in significant cleanup in the aftermath of your brain exploding. It is most definitely not an album for the weak of heart, or even those who aren’t at least a bit insane, as opening track ‘hornets’ will succinctly prove, acting like a rambling, aggressive monologue set to fuzzed-up Funeral Doom, before fading in to ‘When God Used a Rope’ with all the subtlety of a steel-capped boot in the face. At times, the music strays close to something as easy going as straight Acid Punk a la Mindless Self-Indulgence, but even that is quickly nipped in the bud with distorted static and shouting.

Not for children or those of a nervous disposition

"Absolutely fantastic if you’re someone who’s ideal pizza topping is reaper chillies"

Come on in!

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