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Midnite Hellion – ‘Kingdom Immortal’

Power Chord Productions
Tygers of Pan Tang, Angel Witch, Armored Saint, Riot, Judas Priest, Sacred Reich
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Power Chord Productions
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                What happens when you raise a bunch of kids on nothing but old-school heavy metal and feed them nothing but NWOBHM albums and singles from birth? Well, they grow up and play trad metal, they’re not about ‘the breakdown’, neck tattoos, oversized vests and stretched ears. No, they’re about denim, leather, riffs, Newcastle Brown Ale and a slight whiff of patchouli. One such band are Midnite Hellion who are back for the first time since 2017 with their sophomore album ‘Kingdom Immortal’.

                From the off, you know what this band is about, they don’t piss arse about pretending to be anything they’re not. ‘Kingdom Immortal’ is down to the bone, catchy as fuck trad metal which allows this band to hummed and sung along to almost immediately. Yes, this means the songs are simple at times, but sometimes that’s all you need and through a raw production this band could be playing in the pub down the road with its live, warts n’ all feel. Tracks such as ‘H.M.O.’, ‘Rapscallion’ and ‘Speed Demon’ not only have all the hallmarks of Judas Priest, Riot and Armored Saint, there’s also a touch of Tygers of Pan Tang, Angel Witch and even Metallica and Sacred Reich.

This means that it is actually quite easy to play ‘Kingdom Immortal’ over and over again, yes, its raw and unsanitised by a clinical modern production and if you cut yourself on the metal here, you’ll probably have tetanus, but I’ll quite happy to take the lockjaw for heavy metal this enjoyable. If trad metal is your bag, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy ‘Kingdom Immortal’, if not? Pretty sure you can go and listen to Trivial, Bring Me the Haircut or As I Die Trying.

"it is actually quite easy to play ‘Kingdom Immortal’ over and over again"

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