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Kings of Other Wings – ‘Phoenix Rising’

Independent Release
Metallica, Mastodon, Black Sabbath
Release Date
Independent Release
Heavy Metal

A lot of bands start out as cover bands, hell, it’s a good way to get used to the transition from being a bedroom guitarist and into one who able to play and cooperate with others (if you know, you know). One such band who began their career like this are Kings of Other Wings (KoOW) as the Australians stepped out of the wings of being a Black Sabbath cover band and into the realms of playing their own material as they release their debut album ‘Phoenix Rising’.

                It would seem that KoOW have learned a thing or two from the bars and trenches of being a cover band and that’s how to write a song because ‘Phoenix Rising’ is contains quite a lot of cool riffs and rhythms. But if you’re expecting a Black Sabbath sound because of their past, then you’ll be sorely mistaken, tracks such as ‘Broken Trust’, ‘Dyson Sphere’ and ‘The Old Man an His Guitar’ have the heavy metal sound that would appeal to fans of the accessible end of Metallica scale and that isn’t a bad place to be. Furthermore, there is also a touch of the progressive here that’ll draw in fans of early 10’s Mastodon with some really gritty bass playing as vocalist Tj does his best to swing between the vocals of James Hetfield and Troy Sanders.

                There is some work to do here though as KoOW are lacking a little bit of an identity, one that I’m sure they will find soon enough, but all in all, ‘Phoenix Rising’ is an enjoyable release and something for the band to grow from.

"an enjoyable release and something for the band to grow from"

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