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Age of Apocalypse – ‘Grim Wisdom’

Closed Casket Activities
Life of Agony, Only Living Witness, Cro-Mags, Skourge
Release Date
Closed Casket Activities
Heavy/Thrash Metal/Hardcore

2020 may have been a write off year for most people as we sat around at home in our pants watching people learn languages, bake banana bread and exercise on our phones, pretending we were doing the same, but instead we were just day drinking. But not for bands, even with the restrictions, bands dug deep and worked hard with one band being Age of Apocalypse (AoA) who after an EP in 2020 are back with their debut studio album ‘Grim Wisdom’.

                Picking up almost seamlessly from their first EP, ‘Grim Wisdom’ gives the listener a kick in the chops by blending heavy and thrash metal with hardcore in a style familiar to those from the 90’s. This does mean that ‘Grim Wisdom’ has a huge air of familiarity about it, like getting a big fat cuddle from the 90’s as it strokes your hair and tells you its ok as tracks such as ‘Kingdom of Rot’, ‘Begging the Reaper’ and ‘Valley of the Mystic’ gives all the enjoyability of Life of Agony, Cro-Mags and Prong as thrashing riffs meld effortlessly with foot stomping hardcore.

                There isn’t anything here on ‘Grim Wisdom’ that hasn’t been done before, but AoA do manage to put their own spin on it and it is this which makes for an interesting release. This is a huge step in the right direction, a solid stone to build from which will see the band grow further.

"a huge step in the right direction, a solid stone to build from which will see the band grow further"

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