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Maceration – ‘Live Disfigurements’ (Reissue)

Emanzipation Productions
Death, Massacre, Obituary
Release Date
February 25, 2022
Emanzipation Productions
Death Metal

Get yourself a spade, head to Denmark and begin digging. There, you will hit the Danish metal underground, yet this isn’t your goal, continue to dig, dig and dig some more and you’ll reach the basal level and there you’ll find Maceration. This year has Emanzipation Productions giving 1990’s ‘Official Livetape’ a new lease of life under the name ‘Live Disfigurements’ and as well as being reissued on vinyl.

                Originally released in practically demo quality, ‘Live Disfigurements’ has been boosted in sound meaning that all the death metal goodies which has the appeal of Death and Obituary of which there are three covers with decent covers of ‘Godly Beings’, ‘Slowly We Rot’ and ‘Evil Dead’. Not only is this vinyl reissue remastered, but it also comes with two live tracks from 1992/93, the latter of which being a Massacre cover of ‘Dawn of Eternity’. Naturally, just like all vinyl reissues, this isn’t a bog-standard black circle reissue, ‘Live Disfigurements’ does come in a limited-edition marbled gold and crystal vinyl version for all your vinyl junkie needs.

                This release isn’t for everyone, it is literally for a very niche audience, but everyone knows that and what ‘Live Disfigurements’ offers is the chance to own a real piece of underground death metal history. Remember, it is limited edition, so if this sounds like you, get your fingers ordering.   

"underground death metal vinyl junkies should be all over this"

Come on in!

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