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Scorpions – ‘Rock Believer’

Vertigo Records
Accept, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Twisted Sister, Dokken, Loudness
Release Date
February 25, 2022
Vertigo Records
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

                Scorpions have been one of the biggest heavy metal/hard rock bands on the planet for over 45 years now and from the dizzying heights of success and the excess it brings through a maligned period where the band struggled to stay relevant to the majestic elder statesmen of the genre. After seven years, Scorpions are back with their latest album ‘Rock Believer’.

                Let’s face it, Scorpions had one hell of a mountain to climb, 2015’s ‘Return to Forever’ was abysmal and it left a lot of fans feeling that one of their favourite bands had finally had their well run dry. Thankfully, ‘Rock Believer’ blows any of that out of the water, who would believe that Scorpions could still deliver an album of decent hard rock delivered with veteran expertise. The production is spot on, it’s well done and high class without the horrible overtly modern pop sheen from the previous album but instead tracks such as ‘Gas in the Tank’, ‘When I Lay My Bones’ and ‘Peacemaker’ have all the hallmarks of Scorpions in their 80’s prime and it really does bring a smile to see Scorpions back in control.

                ‘Rock Believer’ feels like the addition of Mikkey Dee has brought a touch of Motörhead class to the table and a distinct lack of ballads makes this a whole different kettle of fish. Of course, it isn’t all a bed of roses and there are a few duds here, but if this was the final album that Scorpions ever do, then it’s not a bad way to bow out.

"plenty of the gas in the tank as Scorpions deliver an album of veteran expertise"

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