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Intaglio – ‘II’

Solitude Productions
Bell Witch, God Eat God , Swallow the Sun, Forest of Shadows
Release Date
Solitude Productions
Neoclassical Death Doom/Funeral Doom Metal

If you’re after pure resonant atmosphere with ecstatic combinations of timbre, woven with the fabric of sorrow and mysticism, then Intaglio has got you covered with their new album ‘II’.

The range of sounds in ‘II’ is enough to make you rethink your own music taste. Expertly put together, this album meanders from the tropes of doom metal, the range of voices in this LP ranges from whispers and growls, and from basso profundo to soprano clean vocals. It’s genuinely a feat to describe the expanse of textures given in ‘II’, the cello, double bass and even chimes feature throughout the tracks, which give it a matured proficiency which is rare to the genre.

As a concept album, ‘II’ smoothly descends from track to track, giving an all encompassing ambience to rival titans such as Bell Witch and Esoteric, although these songs contain far more variance and complexity. True morosity and gloom seep from ‘II’, the composition emulates enlightenment and elements of transcendentalism, the album’s artwork seems to reflect this, with its cosmic elysian qualities. It is truly difficult to express the journey of tension, elation and deflation that ‘II’ invokes.

For a fully immersive artistic experience, listen to this album from start to finish, it will not disappoint. Gloom laden ecstasy awaits.

"Intaglio's 'II' emerges from the mist, erupting with a unique neoclassical atmospheric death doom synergy"

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