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Dæmonesq – ‘The Beauty of Letting Go’ EP

Independent Release
Immortal, Cradle of Filth, Abbath
Release Date
February 25, 2022
Independent Release
Black Metal

                There are a lot of black metal bands out there which don a bit of corpse paint, dye their hair black and growl a bit about Satan. It therefore takes a real something for a band to stand out amongst the hoard of suitors. One such band are Dæmonesq who after arriving on the scene in 2020, the German black metallers have released their debut EP ‘The Beauty of Letting Go’.

                As far as bands go, Dæmonesq have got themselves off to a flying start with ‘The Beauty…’. This is a great EP of black metal delivered in the second wave style, this naturally means that this production isn’t exactly the best, but then again, this wouldn’t sound great if it had a high-class production, it would actually sound shit, but instead ‘The Beauty…’ is delivered with integrity and passion. Tracks such as ‘Battleaxe’ and ‘Allure and Grandeur’ are done masterfully with the vocals of Rægina having all the power of the northern blizzard, particularly Immortal and Cradle of Filth without the symphonic elements.

                For those looking for some new black metal which packs the punch of the second wave era, then Dæmonesq really do hit the nail on the head with ‘The Beauty…’. This is a fantastic way to start your career, it is a solid foundation stone, and it will be interesting to see how this band follows this up.

"a fantastic way to start your career and it is a solid foundation stone"

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