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Corey Taylor – ‘CMFB… Sides’ EP

Roadrunner Records
Stone Sour, Alice in Chains, Metallica
Release Date
February 25, 2022
Roadrunner Records
Heavy/Alternative Metal/Rock

Corey Taylor has come out with his new EP ‘CMFB …Sides’, so strap in and grab a beverage of your choosing.

This EP, as the name suggests, is a mixture of B-Sides and covers by the Slipknot front man, and really gives Taylor the opportunity to explore different music styles, as well as his ability to test out his own vocal abilities. Right off the bat, the EP opens with Taylor’s cover of ‘Holier Than Thou’ by Metallica which, even if you had never heard the original, you could still tell is a Metallica song as they have kept the Metallica feel to the song, “Yeah!”’s and all! There are some lesser-known covers, such as ‘All This And More’ by Dead Boys, but the style is completely changed and made his own, whilst maintaining the pace of the original. The live track, ‘Home/Zzyzx – Live’ is an amazing, mellow song written by Taylor and dedicated to his wife, which if you’re familiar with Taylor’s solo work you’ll know how well he can write those emotional, heart-tugging songs, which he performs flawlessly. The latter end of the album brings a bit more of an 80’s vibe with his cover of ‘Got To Choose by KISS’ which sticks to the typical ‘KISS sound’, and ‘On The Dark Side by Eddie And The Cruisers’ in which they replace the piano riff with guitar for a very good cover.

All in all, an enjoyable EP with a good mix of genres, styles, and a good chance for Taylor to have a bit of fun.

"All in all an enjoyable EP"

Come on in!

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