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Spitfire – ‘Denial to Fall’

No Remorse Records
Accept, Saxon, Judas Priest
Release Date
No Remorse Records
Heavy Metal

Formed in 1984 in Athens, Greece, Spitfire has a wondrous story of perseverance. Though they have had multiple line-up changes, their sound has remained remarkably consistent. ‘Denial To Fall’ is perhaps their biggest testimony to date.

‘Denial’ is firmly rooted in tradition. With plenty of the 80s-90s style riffage, catchy hooks, and outstanding musicianship, this album is battle jacket ready and just plain fun.

Their members vary in age, providing a wealth input. For example, vocalist Tassos Krokodilos was born only two years before the band’s inception. Subsequently, their sound is an excellent assortment of older themes and new blood. I hear more than subtle nods to Warren DeMartini and George Lynch and latter-era Judas Priest, but also flashes of modern nuances. In other words, there is more going on here than first meets the ear. Old school sensibilities are nicely updated, representing both factions perfectly.  

The music is tight and fluid. Riffs and memorable and singable (a huge plus in my book) but decidedly beefier than a lot I’ve heard over the years. Krokodilos’ vocals channel a bit of Papa Het and Halford, yet his power ultimately brings more of his own personality to the mix.

Not laden with gimmicks or over-the-top moments, ‘Denial’ is good, solid Metal, adhering to what made it great in the first place.  Will it set the world afire? Probably not, but there are plenty who like their music sounding both old and familiar, yet with a few hints of modernity. ‘Denial’ delivers all this and more.

"'Denial to Fall' is good, solid Metal, adhering to what made it great in the first place"

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