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Goodbye June – ‘See Where The Night Goes’

Earache Records
AC/DC, The Black Keys, Rival Sons, The Answer, Kings of Leon
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Earache Records
Hard/Blues Rock

“rock’s dead maaaaaan” has been a trope used by the general boomer rocker since the early 90’s. How very wrong they are, it’s never been dead or even injured, those listening just stopped hunting and refused to accept that younger guys picked up the mantle and took arms in the name of rock. One such band are Goodbye June whose foot stomping riffs are back once again with their third studio album ‘See Where the Night Goes’.

                 As with their previous works, ‘See Where…’ is another album of boogie chillin’ sounds as the Tennessee band meld laid back blues/rock with arena style hard rock in a sound that wouldn’t have been out of place in 1977. Truth be told, there is a lot of love for AC/DC here and the band know this; guitarist Tyler Baker does some bloody good Angus Young repeating riffs whilst vocalist Landon Milbourn is an almost dead ringer for Bon Scott, particularly during ‘Step Aside’, ‘Baby, I’m Back’ and the title track. In fact, Goodbye June is quite possibly the sound of what AC/DC would have played if they’d grown up in Nashville and not bar brawling in Australia. However, there is much more to this band than merely AC/DCisms, there is a deep love for southern sounds here that will drag in fans of the Allman Brothers Band, the Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd as well as more modern acts like The Answer, Kings of Leon and Rival Sons.

                ‘See Where…’ is another enjoyable album from Goodbye June. It is typical of what the band have been doing since they formed, there are some excellent tracks here interspersed with some moments where the band need to find their true identity instead of almost identical to their idols, but a lot of fun, nonetheless.  

"another enjoyable album from Goodbye June"

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