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Affection’s Top 5

Since the beginning of 2013, Affection has been roaring by mixing elements mainly from modern rock and alternative metal. Striving from Helsinki, Finland, this indomitable power engine combines hard hitting guitar riffs, rhytmic energy and memorable melodies with rich and powerful lyrics. The band is known for their explosive live shows, and their new album “Remnants” delivers a versatile and relentless experience with a certain depth.

This is Affection’s Top 5

TOP 5 pieces of equipment that every musician must own?

1. Instrument

2. Earplugs

3. Funny drinking hat

4. Motivation

5. Common sense

 TOP 5 pieces of advice NOT to follow, to make it in the music industry.

1. Don’t believe into your own thing

2. Have a performance role on stage

3. Talk sh*t about your bandmates

4. Talk sh*t about your fellow bands

5. Don’t work too hard

TOP 5 clicks on your playlist. What are you currently listening to, on repeat?

1. Strapping Young Lad

2. Atlas

3. Opeth

4. Katatonia

5. Textures

TOP 5 adventures you’ve been on with the band.

1. Our exotic van trip to a live show in the city of Oulu around 2015, it’s in the northern part of Finland. We got lots of new friends and an amazing hangover. Have you ever tried this drink called Gambina?

2. Live show back in 2017 at Rock’n’Roll cafe, in a town called Lohja. The venue and whole place was so small that we played in the audience and they were headbanging on the tables.

3. Weirdest show must’ve been in a bowling hall near Helsinki, a great audience but an odd place. There was a jacuzzi and huge sauna backstage so it was worth it.

4. When we started up the band, we drove to our drummer’s cottage to pick up his drum kit. As a trophy for the long trip we decided to swim in the lake next to the cottage, but it was frozen in the middle of the winter, so we spent 4 hours with a small axe to break the ice which was 50 cm thick. Smart, huh? Well we made it at least.

5. There was a water pipe accident at our rehearsal place a few years back, so it was kind of like an adventure to see a lake on our rehearsal place.

TOP 5 ways in which your band is awesome.

1. Our fans and listeners are the best

2. We tend to have very intense and energetic live shows

3. Our new album “Remnants” reveals our very diverse musical palette

4. There’s more very interesting material coming up ahead as well

5. All of us are giving 110% for this band, and that’s a huge thing!

ThanksAndy H.C. / Affection

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