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Redreigner – ‘Redreigner’ EP

Independent Release
Death, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Impaler, Asphyx
Release Date
Independent Release
Death Metal

Death metal can be a tough nut to crack, there are a lot of bands out there all vying to the be the biggest, the baddest and the most brutal. Therefore, it can take some real guts to throw your hat in the pit and dive right in. This has not deterred Redreigner one iota as the Greek death metallers deliver their eponymously titled debut EP.

                Headed up by brothers Constantine and Petros Jajas, ‘Redreigner’ is already a tight knit death metal ball of kinetic energy. There is some very good drumming on this album with enough blast beats to knacker out the Duracell bunny and alongside this, there are some top-quality guitar riffage as tracks such as ‘The Morbid Statistic’ and ‘Breed of Anger’ show what Redreigner are already capable of doing. This means that ‘Redreigner’ has all the appeal of Death, Bolt Thrower and Carcass and let’s face it, if you’re going to do death metal, then that’s a bloody good place to take your influences from. However, the production may not be the best here, but instead of it being a negative, this actually gives ‘Redreigner’ a sense of integrity and keeping it real that a lot of death metal loses with a sanitised production.

                ‘Redreigner’ is a very good EP, it’s a great foundation for the band to grow from and if you’re looking for death metal with some real underground bite, then this is it.

"some real underground bite"

Come on in!

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