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Lordi – ‘Lordiversity – The Masterbeast from the Moon’

AFM Records
Rush, Pink Floyd, Styx, Kansas
Release Date
AFM Records
Progressive Rock

During the lockdown, you ended up cracking open the beer at 9am didn’t you? Or did you wait until it was 4pm wine time baby?! Either way, I can guarantee you didn’t sit down and write a seven album box set opus with each album a different genre like Lordi did. The Finns latest offering ‘The Masterbeast from the Moon’ see’s Lordi having a go at what the band would sound like had they fell in love with progressive rock and not Kiss.

                With ‘The Masterbeast…’ Lordi decided to go for a sound that would appeal to the likes of Rush, Pink Floyd and Styx and truth be told, out of all the ‘Lordiversity’ set, this is probably the album which sees the band at its most uncomfortable. That being said, Lordi still do a really tight job of it and the Finns show that their talent can never be questioned with this album, Amen, Mana and Hella all excel and provide some really, really enjoyable music with tracks such as ‘Spear of the Romans’, ‘Hurricane of the Slain’ and ‘Church of the Succubus’ being a lot of fun and had they been sung by any but Mr. Lordi, we might have something really, really good on our hands. However, it does sometimes have the overarching feeling of ‘Music From the Elder’… you know… when Kiss tried to go prog and then pretended it never happened.

                Regardless of this, Lordi own it and they strut their stuff well. There are other, better albums from the ‘Lordiversity’ box set, but none are as technically gifted as this.

"quite possibly Lordi's 'Music From the Elder'"

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