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Lordi – ‘Lordiversity – Skelectric Dinosaur’

AFM Records
Alice Cooper, Kiss, Blue Ӧyster Cult, Grand Funk Railroad
Release Date
February 15, 2022
AFM Records
Hard/Shock Rock

                Who would have thought that in the global pandemic and lockdowns of 2020, Lordi would have built themselves a time machine and instead of warning us not to eat bats, they went back to the early to mid-70’s to create ‘Skelectric Dinosaur’, their latest album in the ‘Lordiversity’ project which takes a vintage hard rock look at the Lordi sound.

                It has never been any secret that Lordi adore Kiss and Alice Cooper, you only need to take one look at their image and stage show to see that influence painted all over them. Therefore, ‘Skelectric Dinosaur’ is the sound of Mr. Lordi living out all his Gene Simmons fantasies through a 1974 sound where tracks such as ‘Starsign Spitfire’, ‘Maximum-O-Lovin’’ and ‘Carnivore’ have all the sounds of not just the Alice Cooper Band and early Kiss, but also Blue Ӧyster Cult with their staccato riffs and lyrics which swing between all out sex to the occult delivered with a huge sense of irony, even if ‘The King on the Head Staker’s Mountain’ has all the hallmarks of ‘God of Thunder’.

                ‘Skelectric Dinosaur’ may be the sound of Lordi having the most fun and fans of those aforementioned bands should check it out, it is very tongue in cheek enjoyable. If you’re not a fan of 70’s hard rock then it’ll probably leave you cold, however, there are plenty of other styles to dig into with ‘Lordiversity’.

"‘Skelectric Dinosaur’ may be the sound of Lordi having the most fun from their Lordiversity project"

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