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Dawnrider – ‘The Fourth Dawn’

Alma Mater Records
Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Trouble, Saint Vitus, Dragon's Kiss
Release Date
Alma Mater Records
Doom Metal

                Truth be told, doom can be one of the most dull and generic genres out there. There are a million bands all plying their trade at being slow and well… doomy and it takes some real skill to stand out. One such band who are currently standing tall are Dawnrider with the Portuguese band releasing their latest studio album ‘The Fourth Dawn’.

                With ‘The Fourth Dawn’, the listener doesn’t not get the same boring doom tropes that are ridden out week after week by other bands. This is spirited doom with a real groove to it and through a decent production, ‘The Fourth Dawn’ is very good, managing to suck the listener in and allow them to bob their head along almost subconsciously. Tracks such as ‘Reaching Glory’, ‘Those Who Parted’ and ‘Lord’ drag themselves along like a huge monolith of doom just waiting to be erected having all the hallmarks of those doom pioneers such as Trouble, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. Yet, there is a distinct Black Sabbath vibe here and not many bands master that particular groove with finesse, but Dawnrider do as the band hammer along like a well-oiled unit.

                Some of the tracks are little long here and it can cause the listener to maybe drift in and out, but ‘The Fourth Dawn’ always manages to bring the listener back in by almost sitting them down and saying, listen to us! Therefore, if you’re looking for some decent doom, then look no further than this latest offering from Dawnrider.

"if you’re looking for some decent doom, then look no further than 'The Fourth Dawn'"

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