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Rolo Tomassi – ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’

Svalbard, Infected Rain, Employed to Serve, Anathema
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There’s no easier way to review this album than to get the bold statement straight out of the way: this is the best album yet from Rolo Tomassi, and by a distance.

Officially referred to as Mathcore, the album begins with totally unexpected Shoegaze/Post-Metal track ‘Almost Always’ with Explosions In The Sky-esque percussive piano synchronised with isolated, cymbal-heavy drums generating a huge sound to close the piece. After this gentle beginning, the album takes a huge left turn back onto Rolo Tomassi’s street, with a half-Tool-half-BTBAM riff heavy enough to form a singularity, as Eva Korman’s vocals switch from ethereal, pure tone into terrifying fry-screams, a duality that beautifully frames the entire album alongside the gentle piano/synth-string ambience and crushing riffs taking turns to lead, with keyboardist James Spence adding deep, aggressive screamed backing vocals to the heaviest moments in a symphony of anger and pure noise

This could be the album to convert the apprehensive into Technical Metal super-fans, there’s nothing particularly flashy at any point, just earworm-worthy riffs, incredible drumming, and gigantic soundscapes of beauty and violence.

"The best Technical Metal album in years"

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