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Mud Spencer – ‘Fuzz Soup’

Argonauta Records
Bongzilla, Weedeater, Naxatras, Phish
Release Date
Argonauta Records
Stoner/Doom Rock

The moment when it hits. The first ray of the rising sun catches a pure white eagle riding the high-plains thermal in stark contrast to the dark blue early morning sky. It dazzles and dances, and you can’t take your eyes off it for a second in case it disappears. Behind you the orange glow on the horizon is already warming your back as you sit high on the mountainside. The hum of your own thoughts acting as counterpoint to the deep Stoner riffs coming from the stereo as you remember the etiquette; “pass to the right” ….and slowly you remember you’re sat with your old friend in his living room on a settee that hasn’t been paid for yet, but has mysterious little pin-hole burns on the cushions.

Mud Spencer, or just Sergio Garcia to his nearest and dearest, is a deeply talented multi-instrumentalist from Indonesia with a huge love and affection for all things trippy and Stoner from the late 60’s through to the present day, and it shines through with the debut release “Fuzz Soup” which could be the trippiest release for some time.

The musicianship is exemplary, especially for a one-man band and producer; this is a fairy niche record that is unlikely to worry the charts too much, but it has really excellent mixing and sound quality. All the tracks are beautifully and thoughtfully constructed for maximum Stoner effect; there are even hints of ZZ-Top’s Boogie shuffle here and there to stop things getting too “Same-y”. There’s an organic and natural feel of connection to Gaia, to the earth and the sky, and to the spiritual forebears of the Stoner and Desert rock scenes. It’s said of Sergio that he “records on his bed, and mixes outside in the island‘s mountain while he just brings the iPad and headset on his trail motorcycle”. Such a hard life.

"Grab your grinder and your skins and a good old bag of green, head up into the mountain air and reconnect with Mother Earth"

Come on in!

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