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Inthewhale – ‘Vanishing Point’ EP

Golden Robot Records
Chevelle, Far, Deftones
Release Date
Golden Robot Records
Hard/Alternative Rock

Colorado based duo Inthewhale have had quite the eventful past two years. They have gone from a fairly straight forward, yet introspective rock band (great stuff by the way) to that of crushing bombast. The album is largely based in self-reflection yet is remarkably accessible by pretty much anyone.  Through its bludgeoning guitars, impassioned vocals and soul-laid-bare approach, the band has done a masterful job at turning turmoil into song. 

Much in the way a rose bush catches the skin, ‘Vanishing Point’ stops you in your tracks. Stop. Negotiate. Learn. Proceed. Decidedly more thorns than roses, the album is a mash of scalding riffs, frayed vocals and instruments stressed to their max. In my mind, ‘Vanishing Point’’ is the audio equivalent of a person pushed to their breaking point, clawing their way back and living to tell the tale. 

All the emotion and lyrical commentary aside, if you are looking for good sonic pummeling, ‘Vanishing Point’ will do quite nicely. Musically, there is grating of bone, red-faced anger and there is (in small part) elation. Dual-approach vocals alternate between Hard Core and outright animalistic. In other words, yes, it rocks!

I must call attention to the song “Smoke Break.” It unflinchingly addresses suicide and suicidal ideation, something the band knows about firsthand. Lines like, “God’s out getting smokes and left us all alone” are especially powerful. The band was certain the song doesn’t merely address the subject and then assure us that everything will be “just fine.” On the contrary, the song lacks resolution. Much like in real life, many things will not be “just fine” without the proper intervention. If you hear only one song from this band, let this be the one.

"‘Vanishing Point’ stops you in your tracks"

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