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Candlemass – ‘The Door to Doom’

Release Date
Napalm Records
Doom Metal

This morning in the Metal Digest office we’re turning the bpm right down and cranking up ‘The Door to Doom’, the excellent 2019 from doom masters Candlemass. Leif Edling has always stuck to his guns and although Candlemass has been through line-up change after line-up change, this album saw the return of original Candlemass vocalist Johan Längquist to the fold to deliver an excellent album of pure, old-school doom. So this morning, dig out your copy of ‘The Door to Doom’ and crank it up loud and make those low-end decibels shake the foundations of the your neighbourhood. Hell, it’s better than whatever factory pre set is on your phone alarm and you know it!

Come on in!

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