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Torchbearer – ‘Solace’

Independent Release
Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats, Gloves Off, Beyond the Styx
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Independent Release

Hailing from the valleys of South Wales, Torchbearer were formed in 2016 delivering primal performances of hardcore and post-hardcore that have turned the heads of fans of the likes of Alexisonfire and Cancer Bats.

On the back of couple of EPs, Torchbearer have released their debut album ‘Solace’ and it brings the brutal subject matter of murder, mental health, corruption, and religion to the forefront, allowing them to reach deep inside, copy the bleak chapters in their lives and using it as a catalyst to take a risk and to think outside the box.

That risk has paid off.

‘Solace’ may start quite basic, but soon, that powerhouse builds to a cacophony. The roaring vocals have a Gaelic feel to them, a fighting spirit where the lyrics are emotive and coherent. The drum are powerful throughout, organic and spirited whilst the guitar riffs provide the pivot point to the whole album, and it is their melodic elements which allow for reflection and introspection within the tracks. There are tracks here which are absolute knockouts, from ‘Wolves & Sheep’ which features vocals from Theresa Vendetta who provides a cracking edge to the song about lies and betrayal, through ‘Hail Mary ‘, the final track on ‘Solace’ with a pulsing rhythm so feisty that your head bangs whether you want to or not to ‘Never Forgive’ a poignant song about the death of a family member by police brutality, a song whose profound message resonates long after the track has finished.

This debut album is a ten-track scorcher. It has got pace, tempo, blood, heart, and bones in a biological blend of the things we don’t talk about.

"This debut album is a ten-track scorcher"

Come on in!

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