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Lordi – ‘Lordiversity – Abusement Park’

AFM Records
W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Scorpions, Kiss, Gwar
Release Date
AFM Records
Heavy Metal

                There’s a global pandemic, a lockdown and we’re stuck inside for what feels like an eternity. Kids are screaming, home schooling isn’t happening, and Joe Wicks can literally fuck off. We’ve stopped learning a language and baking banana bread and now we’re sat in our pants day drinking. This was everyone else except Lordi who used this time to record seven, yes seven, albums, each one pertaining to a different genre and style and this time it is the early 80’s with ‘Abusement Park’.

                As a band Lordi have never taken themselves seriously and this allows them to open up and write songs with their tongue stuck firmly in their cheek. ‘Abusement Park’ is an almost perfect example of this as the band take a running leap into 1983/1984 American heavy metal with a sound that would appeal to the likes of W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister and Kiss. Tracks such as ‘Ghost Train’, ‘Up to No Good’ and ‘Carousel’ are actually uplifting heavy metal anthems whilst the tracks ‘Nasty, Wild and Naughty’ and ‘House of Mirrors’ could easily have featured on either of W.A.S.P.’s first two albums, even if ‘House of Mirrors’ rips off ‘L.O.V.E. Machine’. Furthermore, Lordi show they have lost none of their silliness with ‘Grrr!’ descending into what only can be described as a Wookie orgy and believe me, that is a niche pornography search.

                 ‘Abusement Park’ is very typical of what Lordi have been doing with the ‘Lordiversity’ box set already. However, this is where Lordi feel most at home, on the surface, it is silly and disposable, but at its core, it’s actually pretty good.

"out of all the Lordiversity set, this is probably Lordi at their most comfortable"

Come on in!

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