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A chat with Brandy and the Butcher

The release of their third album ‘BGF’ and the release of a song of the same name is a great start to the year, with their new wave and vintage rock sound and status.

Jay(guitar), Kevin(drums), Rodger(bass), and Elizabeth(vocals)take time out of their busy lives to answer some laid-back and insightful questions.

 I know Elizabeth must bring some youthful insight and energy to the band. But what do the guys bring to your world, Elizabeth?

They are experienced musicians. This is only my second band. They show me the ropes and make me push myself hard.

The black and white band pictures are a cracking set of photographs and they intrigue me. What or who adds the color to your music and life?

(Liz) We have a great set of artists and videographers that have helped color our image and style. We owe a lot to a lot of people

Talking of color the album cover is vibrant and hand-drawn. What’s the name of the artist? and, what made you choose that specific picture?

(Jay) My girlfriend Lindsay Wiggins did that. It’s the art for the single not the LP She had done it a month or two earlier so it was available. I’d suggested that we needed more are that featured Liz to make it clear that we were a female-fronted band. Lindsay also does most of our photos.

After having to cut your tour short due to the pandemic and now that you allowed back into the studios to record and be together. What is the most refreshing and missed thing about being back in the studio as a band and out of lockdown?

(Jay)Coming up with new songs that one is excited about is the real reward of playing music. Every really good new song is a huge accomplishment. You never know when the songwriting well will dry up. Knowing something will really kick ass in your live set is a bonus!

So go on, tell me when your together who is the joker? whos the one that’s the class clown and relives the tension with laughter when you’re on tour, recording, or writing?

(Liz) Kevin and Liz are the ones most likely to go to jail on tour.

Having such a unique sound of both new wave and vintage rock fitting together with catchy lyrics. What’s your process? Lyrics first or tune? One writer or all pitch in?

(Jay) I usually toss out guitar riffs till someone, often Liz, particularly likes it. We’ll play it at rehearsal and add vocals and other parts. A few of our songs for this record were written in other ways. Liz had covid so we wrote lyrics without her since we were all at the studio. She has written most all of the lyrics other than that one.

You probably get this question all the time but with a band name like yours, it would be interesting to know. Unless it’s a take to your grave secret and I respect that but I will ask anyway.

Where do the name Brandy and the Butcher originate from? Is Brandy the girl or the liquor? Is the Butcher a profession or a person as well?

(Liz) Brandy is the girl and the Butcher is the progression. I was nearly a butcher after culinary school and Brandy is her childhood friend

Opposites attract you have proven that but 

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

(Liz)  Hard no   (Jay)  I had spicy Hawaiian pizza for lunch today.

This being the 3rd album you have achieved so much already in such a short time. What is your proudest accomplishment so far? Or is it yet to come?

(Jay) This is only our second full length LP. It is definitely our proudest so far. Our first record was actually much more well received than we ever expected. It’s scary to write a record that’s fairly different from one that people liked so much but that’s what we ended up doing.

We were all teenagers once some not so long ago, others a little longer back they are classed as our formative years.

Who musically or otherwise influenced you as a teenager?

Jay – Sabbath  Liz – The Cult     Roger – Bowie.   Kevin – Tears for Fears.

Are you back out touring? Is merchandise available? please let us know where we can experience you loud, proud, and live?

(Jay) our records and merch are on our bandcamp site. We are just starting Southeast dates in prep for our LP release in May. SC, GA and NC for right now. We are supposed to go to England in 2023. LP presale should be up by early March.

And lastly, If you had one message to your fans, What would it be?

Thanks for the support so far and we look forward to seeing how you like the new record in May! Let us know if you’d like us to travel to your area to play!

Thank you for your time and attention in answering these questions and letting us into the world that is Brandy and the Butcher.

J Matheson (guitar)

Kevin Brewer (drums)

Roger Shattuck (base)

Elizabeth Hale (Vocals)

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